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Massage Therapists Scottsdale AZ | Spa Du Soleil Massage Therapy Scottsdale AZ | Spa Du Soleil
Scottsdale Day Spa | Spa Du Soleil
Scottsdale Massage Therapists | Spa Du Soleil Scottsdale Massage | Spa Du Soleil

Scottsdale Massage Therapy  | Spa Du Soleil

Massage Therapy Scottsdale | Spa Du Soleil Arizona 480-994-5400

Seduce your senses, soothe your body, surrender your stress at Spa Du soleil. Let our experienced massage therapists rejuvenate you today!

Massage Therapy Packages

Luxury Massage Packages
Back/Neck Stress Relief
30 minutes / $60

A blend of deep-tissue, yoga stretches and Swedish strokes help relieve tight knotted muscles and release tension in the back and neck.
30 minutes / $60

Ancient Oriental foot massage technique. Releases tension, improves circulation, reduces fatigue and relaxes the entire body.
Deep Tissue / Sports Massage
60 minutes / $90
90 minutes / $135

Therapeutic treatment specifically directed at deeper muscles and tissue structures eases knotted muscles. Excellent before or after sports activities.

60 minutes / $95
90 minutes/ $140

Luxurious, therapeutic essential-oils add another dimension to the well-being massage, caressing the senses, gently taking deeper into relaxation.

Harmony Massage
1 hour / $185

The ultimate in luxury and relaxation. Two therapists in total harmony and synchrony on one guest for one hour of pure bliss.
Lymphatic Drainage
75 minutes / $115

Gentle, slow motions encourage circulation of the lymphatic system. Helps reduce water retention and aids in the elimination of aging toxins.
Healing Stone
75 minutes / $125
90 minutes / $145

Heated stones bathed in essential oils, combined with massage, soothe tight muscles and sore joints, while inducing a profound sense of relaxation.
Lomi Lomi
60 minutes/ $105
75 minutes/ $125

Rythmic and flowing movements, both invigorating and soothing, create a nurturing experience for body and spirit based on traditional Hawaiian healing arts.
60 minutes / $90
90 minutes/ $135

Relaxing and therapeutic blend of massage techniques personalized for your individual needs and desires. Creates a total sense of balance and well being.
Cranial Sacral
1 hour / $95

Gentle traction and holding techniques release muscle restriction and tension restoring symmetry and creating a sense of well being. Excellent for relief of sinus problems, migraines, neck and low back pain.
30 minutes / $65

Specialized facial sculpting massage technique firms and tones, defines cheekbones and jawline. Repeated treatment provides long-lasting results.
Indian Head Massage
30 minutes / $65

Soothing rhythmic fingers and warmed essential oils stimulate circulation to the scalp, neck and shoulders, releasing tension, relaxing the entire body.
Thermal Accusage
40 minutes / $45

Therapeutic, FAR-Infrared heat is slowly released through healing jade rollers, providing a deep soothing massage integrated with acupressure. This specialized treatment improves circulation, eases tight knotted muscles, and promotes a total sense of well-being.
Cellulite Buster
30 minutes / $65

Kneading and pummeling of the lower body with slimming contour gel. Helps breakup cellulite, improves circulation, skin texture and tone.
Maternity Massage
1 hour / $95

Soothing Specialized massage technique designed for stress relief, relaxation and nurturing for both mother and child.
Golfers Massage
60 minutes/ $95
90 minutes/ $140

Put a Zing in your swing, increase your range of motion, warm up or cool down with this highly specialized massage technique. Specific to golfers.

Benefits Of Massage Therapy

The art of massage is an ancient practice that has been used to sooth and heal people's bodies for thousands of years. At Spa Du Soleil, we take this ancient art very seriously and treat it with the respect and admiration that it duly deserves.

Let you mind and body free themselves from the rigors of daily life with one of our top of the line massage packages that are guaranteed to have you feeling renewed and refreshed once your treatment has concluded.

Scottsdale Day Spa | Spa Du Soleil
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