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Scottsdale Body Treatments | Spa Du Soleil Body Treatments Scottsdale, Arizona | Spa Du Soleil
Scottsdale Day Spa | Spa Du Soleil
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Body Treatment Services Scottsdale

Scottsdale Body Treatments - Spa Du Soleil
Scottsdale Arizona 480-994-5400

Immerse yourself in Spa Du Soleilís nourishing and hydrating line of body treatments designed to exfoliate and revitalize your skin.

Our body wraps services are detoxifying, replenishing, & toning

French Seaweed
1 hour / $120
Pure lyophilized seaweed- rich in trace elements nourishes, tones and hydrates. Reduces water retention, improves elasticity and smooths your skin.

Mineral Mud
1 hour / $120
Renowned for cleansing and therapeutic qualities, this mud exfoliates and remineralizes dull skin, while helping tone and revitalize tired muscles.

Remineralizing Gel
1 hour / $120
Nourishing warm essential oil infused seawater gel provides all 104 trace minerals leaving your skin silky smooth and your body calmly re-energized.

Aroma Detox
1 hour / $120
Essential-oils blended for detoxing action assist in the elimination of aging toxins, fatty deposits and water retention, promoting heathier, smoother skin.

Body Polishes
For glowing, satin smooth skin

Turkish Salt Glow
30 minutes / $75
An invigorating body rub with mineral-rich salts and aromatic essential-oils. Removes dry surface cells, improves circulation, leaves skin smooth and radiant.

Asian Body Scrub
30 minutes / $75
A deep cleansing body scrub with exotic black tea and honey banishes dry skin cells, improves circulation and leaves skin revitalized and glowing.

French Body Peel
45 minutes / $75
Exfoliating treatment with luxurious French peeling creme, smooths away dryness and leaves the skin totally renewed, velvet soft and radiant.

All body scrubs, polishes and wraps include a moisturizing body contour.

Enhance your body polish with a luxurious Vichy water treatment: $10
Note: Please, no waxing or shaving 24 hours prior to receiving a body polish.

Solar Bronzing
A healthy, glowing tan without the harmful aging effects of the sun
First, a body-smoothing exfoliation removes dry surface cells. Next, an expert application of self-tanning milk provides a beautiful, natural looking, sun-free tan.
Note: Three sessions are recommended for optimum results. Body Smoothing Exfoliation and Solar Body Bronzing
1 hour/ $110
Solar Bronze Only
30 minutes/ $65

Specialized Body Treatments
Healthful treatments to promote wellness

European Miracle Body Wrap
1 hour 30 minutes / $145
Shapes and contours the body while tightening and toning the skin. The 'Miracle Wrap' aids in breaking down surface fat, helps to eliminate cellulite, and assists in flushing and eliminating toxins. Instant results! Weight loss, decreases body fat and burns calories. This treatment is non-dehydrating and is not a water-loss wrap.

GX99 Endermatherapie System
30 minutes / $65
The ultimate aid in cellulite reduction and control. This concentrated treatment is designed to focus on a particular area of the body, such as waist-line, thighs or buttocks. Helps break down cellulite deposits, slenderizes & tones, improves circulation and body contour.

Soothing Leg Treatment
1 hour / $75
This cool refreshing treatment soothes and revitalizes tired, swollen or varicose vein prone legs. Ideal for athletes, pregnancy and spider veins, not to mention the aches associated with long sittings or being on your feet all day.

Raindrop Therapy
1 hour / $115
Native American therapy using special blends of essential oils, stratigically placed and gently massaged into the body. Helps relieve chronic back pain, relaxes sore muscles & promotes a deep sense of relaxation.

Remform Self-heating Pack
30-60 minutes / From $35
A therapeutic, nourishing sea-mud detoxifies and revitalizes at a cellular level. Reduces tension, soothes sore muscles and induces a total sense of well-being.

Far-Infared Sauna Detox
30-60 minutes / $35
Scottsdale Day Spa | Spa Du Soleil
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